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Shaun Rook

Head BJJ Instructor

Shaun Rook is a 1st degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with an extensive background in Judo and Catch Wrestling. His unique mixture of grappling along with his attention to the fine details make him an excellent coach for students from white belt all the way to black belt. He has a love for all aspects of grappling that is easy to see when you train with him. 
He was also the inspiration behind the name Relentless. When he first started BJJ back in 2002 he was injured after only a few months of training. Because of this he quit and always regretted it. Eventually he came back to BJJ with the attitude that “no matter what happens…no matter how many times I get hurt…no matter how many times I lose…I will not quit”. He has carried this attitude to this day and tries to impart this never give up attitude into anyone he teaches. 


Jeff Bordelon

Head Kickboxing Instructor

Jeff Bordelon teaches San Shou kickboxing. He first started teaching back in the ‘80’s and hasn’t let up since. He’s regarded by many as the best kickboxing coach in the area. His positive attitude coupled with his vast knowledge of kickboxing makes him an excellent coach for any student whether child or adult. Just attend one of his classes and you’ll understand why they say he’s the nicest guy to ever punch you in the face. 

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Adam Dufrene

Assistant BJJ Instructor

Adam Dufrene is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu who has been training with professor Shaun for over 8 years. He first started BJJ because of his job in law enforcement and soon came to love the sport. Adam is also a level 3 in C4C Police Jiu-Jitsu, which not only assists him on the job, but has given him the needed tools to teach other law enforcement personnel how to defend themselves when they need it. 

Adam assists with the kids and adults program. 

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